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A Whole New World piano sheet music “Aladdin’s Theme” in PDF & MP3

A Whole New World is a lovely song from Walt Disney Animation Studios 1992. The music has appeared in the 1992 American animated musical fantasy movie “Aladdin.” On this page, you will be able to download A whole new world of piano sheet music. And on my last post, I reveal a link to download Jingle bells sheet music in pdf.

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A short history about A Whole New World by Alan Menken

An American record producer composed a Whole New World song, and composer “Alan Menken.” And also, the music lyrics are by Sir Timothy Miles Bindon Rice popularly known as Tim Rice. Tim Rice is a famous author and English songwriter born in the year 1944 on November 10th.

Music Composer (Score) Alan Menken
Songwriter (Lyrics) Tim Rice
Released Date 5th of November 1992
Recorded Year 1992
Length of the Music 4:05 minute
Music Producer Walter Afanasieff

The Duet of the song was taped by a Filipina singer and also an actress “Maria Ligaya Carmen Salonga.” Collaborate with an American producer, screenwriter, and actor “Bradley Caleb Kane.” Both sang in the character of Princess Jasmine and Aladdin. a whole new world piano sheet music   A whole new world refers to when Aladdin displayed his love for the princess. By giving her a life of freedom while riding on a flying carpet, “Magic carpet.” The music earned many awards, such as a Grammy Award for the music of the year. It also received the award “Academy Award for the Best Original Music” by AMPAS.

The song was released in the year 1992 and recognized internationally. It was first performed by American R&B artist “Peabo Bryson” and also American actress “Reina Elaine Belle” in 1992. The music was firstly played and labeled as “Aladdin’s Theme” soundtrack. In the year 1993 March 6th, it ranked number one on the United States standard record chart “Billboard Hot 100”. At its peaked, 600,000 copies were sold and also ranked at number 12 on United Kingdom Singles Chart in the year 1993.

Alan Menken Biography [A Whole New World piano sheet music composer]

Alan Irwin Menken is professionally known as Alan Menken, born in the year 1949 of July 22nd. He’s an American famous music conductor, songwriter, record producer, and music composer. He was recognized worldwide for his works for WDAS (Wait Disney Animation Studios). Many of his music scores were recognized worldwide. Such music is Pocahontas, Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, and Aladdin.

Download A Whole New World Sheet Music_kongashare - Alan Irwin Menken
Alan Irwin Menken

Early Life

Alan Menken was born in the Hospital at 330 West 30th street “French Hospital” United States. His father “Norman Menken” was a pianist and also a dentist. His mother, “Judith Menken,” was a famous dancer, dramatist, and even an actress. Alan started taking violin and piano tutorials at a tender age. He composed music labeled “Bouree” at the early age of nine, while the music was successful and rated excellent by the judges.

He graduated from a Public High school “Rochelle High School” in the year 1967. Due to his love in music composition. He was admitted to study music at NYU “New York University”. He earned his degree in musicology in the year 1971 at Steinhardt school of culture.

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After graduation, His motive is to become a famous recording artist. He now discovered his music composition skill, which rises after joining the BML “Broadcast Music, Inc.” Alan was counseled by an American music composer, “A. Lehman Engel.”

Name Birth

Alan Irwin Menken

Date of Birth

22nd of July 1949

Alan Menken Parent names

Judith Menken and Norman Menken

Alan Menken wife’s name

Janis Roswick

Alan Menken children’s name

Nora Menken and Anna Menken

Alan Menken married Date

1972 of November 1st

Alan Menken Networth

100million of Dollars


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