fugue in g minor sheet music

Fugue in G minor sheet music (Bach Organ Work) BWV 578 in PDF and mp3

Fugue in G minor sheet music which is also known as BWV 578 music or Little Fugue is a piece of lovely organ music arranged in four-voice and composed by Johann Sebastian Bach. Bach is one of the well-known Organist and music composers in the year 1703 to 1707. In my last post, I revealed the link to download the Imagine Dragons music sheet in PDF.

  • Best of bach fugue sheet music in pdf & video performance
  • Download bach fugue in g minor sheet music in pdf and lyrics
  • Download fugue in g minor music sheet in pdf and mp3

Short history about Fugue in G minor (BWV 578) sheet music by Bach

Bach Fugue In G Minor sheet music is a music piece by Bach, It has been performed by many organists around the world. The music as been published several times after his death for more than 100 years ago (28th July 1750).

fugue in g minor sheet music

Johann Sebastian Bach Biography [Fugue in G minor sheet music composer]

Johann Sebastian Bach which is popularly known as Bach was a well-known German music writer (composer) and also musician of the Baroque era. He was born in Eisenach in the year 1685 of March and died in the year 1750 of July 28th. Johann Sebastian Bach Biography

He was born in a musical family, his father’s name is Johann Ambrosius Bach which was then the director of the town musicians, his brother name is Johann Christopher lectured him how to play Clavichord while his father lectures him how to play harpsichord and Violin. Christopher introduces and makes him understand how to play contemporary music very well.

Full Name Johann Sebastian Bach
Birth 21st of March 1685 – O.S
Death 28th July 1750 @ the age of 65
Occupation Music composer and Musician
Relationship Married with 2 wives
Children Twenty (20)
Wives name Maria Barbara Bach and Anna Magdalena Bach
Siblings Seven (7)
Burial Old St. John’s Cemetery in Leipzig
VIDEO PERFORMANCE of Fugue in G minor (BWV 578) score



Get the Organ sheet music below:


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Questions In the Article Are below:

Question Answer
What is the birth name of Bach? Johann Sebastian Bach
What is the date of Johann Sebastian Bach born? 21st of March 1685 – O.S
What date did Johann Sebastian Bach dead? 28th July 1750 @ the age of 65
How many wives did Bach have? He has Two(2) wives
How many children did Johann Sebastian Bach have? He has Twenty (20) children
Who were Bach’s wives? Maria Barbara Bach and Anna Magdalena Bach
How many are Bach’s Siblings? Seven (7)
where is J. S Bach buried? Old St. John’s Cemetery in Leipzig


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