handel saul music book sheet music pdf

Handel Saul Music Book (Complete Sheet Music) HWV 53

Here is Handel Saul Music Book (Complete Sheet Music) HWV 53 in PDF. The music is a dramatic oratorio composed by well-known classical music composer “George Frideric Handel.” You will be able to download the complete Handel music book in the PDF below. I revealed a link to download Its Been a Long Long Time Trumpet sheet music PDF in my last post.

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handel saul music book sheet music pdf

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Short History About Handel Saul Music Book “HWV 53”

Handel composed “Saul” as an oratorio in the year 1738. The plot closely reflects the Biblical account of David and Saul’s relationship. Handel’s overture is the longest of his introductions.

It is divided into four movements: an Allegro, a Largo (in which the organ can be used as a solo instrument), an Allegro, and a Minuetto (in which the organ can be used as a solo instrument).

It’s a charming and delicate prelude that serves as an appropriate precursor to the tragic narrative that follows. Saul, King of Israel; Jonathan, his son; Abner, commander of the host; David; Samuel’s apparition; Doeg, a servant; an Amalekite; Merab, Abiathar, and Michal, Saul’s daughters; the Witch of Endor; and the Israelites are among the figures mentioned.

The opening scene occurs in the Israelite camp, where the people sing a triumphant song against Goliath and the Philistines.

It consists of a chorus (“How excellent Thy Name, O Lord!”) that is a rousing tribute to praise; an aria (“How excellent Thy Name, O Lord!”) that is a moving homage to praise; and an aria (“How excellent Thy Name, O Lord!”) that is an (An Infant raised by Thy Command).

A duet in which the giant is portrayed as the “monster atheist,” marching forward to the strong and expressive music; and three final choruses (“The Youth inspired by Thee”), (“How wonderful Thy Name”), and a celebratory (“Hallelujah”), all were ending in plain but huge harmony.

Short History of George Frideric Handel Biography (Handel Saul Music Book composer)

Handel was born into a family of barber surgeons. He had a natural talent for music and became a student of composer Friedrich W. Zachow at Halle, where he learned the fundamentals of keyboard playing and composition.

handel saul music book sheet music pdf
GF Handel

Handel’s father died when he was 11 years old, but his schooling had been paid for, and in 1702 he entered the University of Halle as a law student. He also became the organist of Halle’s Reformed (Calvinist) Cathedral, although he only stayed for a year before moving north to Hamburg, where he would have more options.

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Handel joined the opera orchestra’s violin section in Hamburg. He also assumed certain harpsichordist responsibilities, and in early 1705, he presided over the performance of his first opera, Almira, at Hamburg. You can continue the the full biography here: George Frideric Handel Biography.

You can get the Complete Music Book below:


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