Littleroot Town - Pokémon sheet music

Littleroot Town – Pokémon sheet music

Littleroot Town sheet music is one of my favorite music scores in which I believe; you will love it. This music was composed by well-known Japanese video game composer Junichi Masuda. Junichi Masuda is best known for his widespread work on the Pokémon franchise. In my last post, I reveal the link to download the Key of Light Terraria sheet music.

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Littleroot Town - Pokémon sheet music

Junichi Masuda Biography [Littleroot Town sheet music composer]

Junichi Masuda is a well-known Japanese designer, singer, trombonist, and video game composer. He was born in the year 1968 on January 12 and named Masuda Jun’ichi from birth. He has been working with Game Freak Co. since 1989 while he founded Ken Sugimori and Satoshi Tajiri.

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Life and Career

Masuda was born in the year 1968 of January 12 in the city second largest city of Japan, “Yokohama.” He gained the idea of video game design when he spent his time catching insects and fish as a child. He started playing trombone when he was in high school while he later has a passion for classical music.

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Masuda Jun’ichi – 増田 順

He studied C programming language and computer graphics design at Japan Electronics College in Tokyo. He has joined a team to work at Game Freak Co. Ltd as the company started in 1989.

Real Chinese name Masuda Jun’ichi – 増田 順
Date of Birth 12th of January, 1968
Home Town Yokohama, Japan
Instrument’s Piano
Occupation’s Programmer, Trombonist, Video Game Composer and Designer
Year of Active Since 1989 till date
Junichi  daughter’s name Kiri

He has been featured in all the work of the company “Game Freak” as released. He has developed many games while working with Game freaks, such as Pokémon Red and Green and the Pokémon series.

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