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Peace In Christ sheet music “Mutual Theme Song” in E Major

Peace in christ sheet music is a piece of awesome choral music. This song was introduced in the year 2018 as a Mutual Theme song. I will be revealing the link to download the music sheet and video performance below. In my last post, I publish a link to download A Whole New World piano sheet music.

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A short history about Peace In Christ sheet music by Nik Day

Nik Day shared how it came about writing the Peace in christ sheet music. In a quote, he mentions if there’s no peace on the earth, there’s Peace in Christ. He has been composing like five or six choruses for the music but has yet to find the appropriate one. Then he started listening to many kinds of music, which inspired Nik for ideas.

He loves to listen to Labrinth’s song “Jealous,” which makes him come up with excellent melodies. The more he listened to the music, the more he likes it, which brought in the idea of when there’s no peace in the world, there’s Peace in Christ Jesus.

Peace In Christ sheet music pdf_kongashare.com_we


Nik Day Biography [Peace In Christ sheet music composer]

Nik Day is a famous Christian music composer and also musician. He resides in the most populous country in Utah, “Salt Lake City.” He has composed countless pieces of music for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints “LDS Church.” His music has been interpreted into over 31 languages and played across the globe.

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Nik has also traveled to several countries for Latter-day Saints youth music workshops. He promoted the LDS songs composed and also distributed outside the USA by gifted members of the church.

Nik Day was born into a Christain family while the children will be waked at 6:30 am for morning scripture studies. This makes Nik familiar with studying the bible. He stated in a quote, “That’s how I learned about the gospel.” This has been part of me, studying the scripture with my family, and reading the story bible. At the tender age of five, Nik’s father introduces him to how to play the piano and how to sing. You read more of Nik Day’s Biography.

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