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Download Polongo Jesu Sheet Music – Yoruba music sheet

Polongo Jesu Sheet Music is a fascinating and beautiful choral Yoruba music. I recommend you to download the Yoruba choral music. This Yoruba choral music is purely in the Nigerian language. And which composed by a well-known organist, theorist, music scholar, and conductor Ayo Ogunranti. Which is now called Ayo Oluranti, Spread around the world and music. And on my last post, I reveal a link to download Messiah Baba mi sheet music in pdf and mp3. 

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Let quickly talk about the  viral of the beautiful music sheet.

Polongo Jesu Sheet Music by Ayo Oluranti


Polongo Jesu Sheet Music is viral Yoruba music. That has been performed by many choristers around the world. This music is commonly performed in churches in Nigeria. Churches like an Anglican church, and Methodist churches. The Redeemed Christian church of God, Christ apostolic church, and many more. Even some choirs attached and perform the music on their Choir Anniversaries.

Polongo Jesu sheet music yoruba music sheet pdf_kongashare.com_ii

Now Let talk about the Composer of the beautiful sheet music.

Ayo Oluranti Biography [Polongo Jesu sheet music composer]


Ayo Oluranti was born and raised in Nigeria. He has been featured in many musical scenes in the united state of America, the United Kingdom, and Nigeria. in the past thirty-seven years majorly as a professional music scholar. He’s a music composer in many languages, conductor, organist, and also a theorist. Many choristers performed his various compositions in many countries. Countries like Asia, Africa, Europe, America, South America, Russia, and many more.

Messiah BabaMi Music Sheet
Ayo Oluranti

Ayo, also known as AY in Yoruba land, has successfully directed. The song is designed for both the Pentecostal church and liturgical music programs.

VIDEO PERFORMANCE of Polongo Jesu sheet music



The video performance above was rendered by the choir only. You can also check on Iya sheet music and Igbo amaka sheet music.


Get the choral sheet music below:


Get the music in MP3 below:


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