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Somewhere Over The Rainbow sheet music

Somewhere over the rainbow sheet music is a lovely piece composed by Harold Arlen. The lyrics also were written by the well-known American song Librettist Edgar Yipsel Harburg. You will be able to download the sheet music on this page. In my last post, I revealed a link to download Ode to Joy sheet music in PDF & MP3.

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A short history of Somewhere Over The Rainbow

Somewhere Over The Rainbow song lyrics were written by a recognized American song lyricist “Edgar Yipsel Harburg.” The music score was also composed by an American music composer, “Harold Arlen.” The song was purposely written for the movie “The Wizard of Oz” in the year 1939. An American actress, vaudevillian, and dancer “Judy Garland” sung the song in the film.

Somewhere Over The Rainbow sheet music_kongashare.com_ed


Over the Rainbow Music Composed By Harold Arlen
Music Lyrics Written By Yip Harburg
Music Performed By Judy Garland[
Published Date 1939

Harold Arlen Biography [Somewhere Over The Rainbow sheet music composer]

Harold Arlen was named Hyman Arluck from birth and was born in the year 1905 of February 15th. He was recognized as an American famous music composer. Arlen composed more than 500 songs, and some of his songs as been recognized internationally. He was highly recognized as the Great American Songbook contributor.

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Early Life & career

Arlen was born in the second-largest city in the United state “Buffalo” on the 15th of February 1905. He was born twin while his twin brother died the next day of his birth. He tutored himself on how to play the piano and form a music band as a youth.

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Arlen changes his birth name “Hyman Arluck” to Arlen Harold between the years 1926 and 1934. He has been recognized as the Group vocalist by Ernest Nichols, Leo Reisman, and Edwin Frank Duchin. In the year 1929, He was well recognized for his famous song “Get Happy” while Ted Koehler wrote the lyrics.

Harold Arlen Native name Hyman Arluck
Date of Birth 15th of February 1905
Date of Death 23rd of April 1986
Nationality American
Occupation’s Music Composer and Pianist
Arlen Wife’s name Anya Taranda
Adopted Children Name Jerry Arluck

Marriage & family

Arlen married his wife, American actress, showgirl, and model “Anya Taranda” in 1937 of January 6th. The marriage was concluded by their parents, Arlen was Jewish, and Anyan was Gentile. Anyan died of a brain tumor in the year 1970. Arlen remained single till his death of cancer in 1986 on April 23rd.

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