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Victory in Jesus sheet music “Eugene Bartlett” in G Major

Victory in Jesus sheet music is lovely music. Music by a well-known American Christain singer. Eugene Monroe Bartlett Sr, which is professionally known as E.M. Bartlett. The music sheet and words were composed in the year 1939. On this page, You will be able to download Victory in Jesus’ music score in pdf and mp3. And on my last post, I reveal a link to download Una Mattina Sheet Music pdf and lyrics.

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A short history about Victory in Jesus sheet music by Eugene Bartlett

Eugene Monroe Bartlett wrote victory in Jesus‘ music. The music was written two years before his death in the year 1939. The music earned international recognition as a Gospel Choruses. James Vaughan produced the hardcover of the music in Lawrenceburg. And since the year 1960, The song as been included in many hymn books. Also commonly sang among Evangelical congregations.

victory in Jesus sheet music_kongashare.com_oe


Eugene Bartlett Biography [Victory in Jesus sheet composer]

Eugene Monroe Bartlett was professionally known as E.M. Bartlett. Born in the year 1885 of December 24th and dead in the year 1941 of January 25th. He’s a well-known American composer, producer, and singer. He was professionally known as his love for gospel music. - Victory in Jesus_Eugene Monroe Bartlett-min.jpg

Eugene Monroe was born in the Waynesville city in Missouri and then relocated to the U.S state of Arkansas, where he grew up. He schooled at the University of Tennessee at Martin. He later graduates from a private liberal arts college in Missouri.

Birth Name Eugene Monroe Bartlett Sr.
Date of Birth 1885 of December 24th
Children Charles Bartlett and Gene Bartlett Jr.
Home Town Waynesville, Missouri USA
Occupation Publisher and Music composer
Date of Death 1941 of January 25th
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